Photo Booth Rental, Saratoga Springs, NY

The most authentic photo booth company is stepping it up a notch! With VIP services, Capital Region PhotoBooths offers a video photo booth experience of all your guests, all night long. Guests still receive their authentic photostrips, but now the bride and groom get to RELIVE their guests’ experience, over and over again! It works like this:

Video Integrated PhotoBooths. VIP photobooths. PhotoBooth rental, Albany, Ny.

VIP Photobooths combines Video Integration with a classic authentic photobooth. At the end of the night, you have a video of your guests' photobooth experience! Their expressions and experiences are PRICELESS!


Our VIDEO PHOTO BOOTH provides a photobooth DVD of your guests booth booth experience.

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Capital Region PhotoBooths also provides Saratoga, New York and Saratoga Springs the most authentic and real photo booths available.  A true photo booth at your event is only as good as it looks. Our photo booths are available in three styles:

Authentic Photo Booth rental in Albany Ny.

Retro Photo Booth provided by Capital Region PhotoBooths.

For Lake George Photobooth rental, Niskayuna Photo booth rental, Niskayuna Photobooth rental, photo booth in albany ny, photo booth troy, ny, no other photobooths will suffice. A photo booth in albany, ny, photo booths in Schenectady, photo strip guest book, photobooth in the capital region, a photo booth in clifton park, ny, photobooths in malta, ny, or photobooths for weddings near Saratoga, ny, photostrip bookmarks, or Schenectady Photo booth rental, and Slingerlands Photo booth rental, the capital region photo booth company is the only authentic photo booth company in Upstate New York.


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Bridal Booth, available for Albany PhotoBooth Rental, in Albany, NY.

The Bridal Booth provided by Capital Region PhotoBooths.

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"Vintage Throwback Photo Booth" by Capital Region PhtoBooths.

Saratoga Springs, NY is an IDEAL location for a wedding.  Conveniently located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, and just 20 miles north of Albany, NY, the sights and scenes of Saratoga, NY creates a majestic setting for a wedding, while providing modern conveniences for guests. A great addition to a Saratoga Springs wedding is an authentic photo booth rental from Capital Region PhotoBooths — the premier photo booth provider for Saratoga, NY, and beyond.

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Photo Booth Rental Albany New York


For an authentic photo booth rental in Albany New York, then you MUST contact Capital Region PhotoBooths.  Not only does Capital Region Photo Booths offer authentic photobooths, they are the only true Albany Photo Booth Rental, in so much as they are locally owned and operated right here in Clifton Park, New York, conveniently located between Saratoga Springs, New York and Albany, New York, making your photo booths local, easily accessible, and supporting the local economy! Make sure you ask your photobooth provider where they are located – many names are deceiving.   Capital Region Photo Booths also provides lively and trained attendants at every event, steel structured photobooths, 2×8 photostrips personalized at the top of every photostrip, a trunk full of props, holly wood lights, exterior monitors, and VIP (Video Integrated PhotoBooths) so you get to see your guests’ photobooth experience, up-close and personal! For an authentic and vintage photo booth rental in Saratoga Springs New York, Clifton Park New York, Albany New York, Troy New York, Schenectady New York, Malta New York, Ballston Spa New York, Burnt Hill New York, Scotia New York, Colonie New York, Voorheesville New York, Bethlehem New York, Slingerlands New York, Rotterdam New York, or Guilderland New York, look no further than Capital Region Photo Booths.  Photobooth rentals are perfect for weddings, a sweet sixteen, a birthday party, corporate event, holiday party, Christmas party, graduation, prom, and so much more!  A photobooth also makes a GREAT party favor for your guests! To rent a retro or vintage photo booth in the Capital District, Albany New York, Slingerlands New York, Guilderland New York,  Bethlehem New York or Clifton Park or within the Capital area, you must contact .  And for all your Saratoga weddings, Saratoga springs photo booth wedding, Saratoga springs party booth, your Saratoga photobooth company is Capital Region PhotoBooths!  For all your photobooth needs, please visit:



What makes us better than the rest? AUTHENTIC PHOTOBOOTHS! Our photo booths provides Albany New York the must AUTHENTIC VINTAGE, RETRO and BRIDAL BOOTH photobooths available. We offer several authentic photobooths, all delivering the same high quality photo booth experience and delivering authentic 2×8 photostrips.

albany photo booth rental. Photo booth rental Albany ny. PhotoBooth rental, Albany NY.  Albany photobooth rentals.

The Authentic Vintage Photo Booth

*The Authentic Vintage Photo Booth*

The Vintage PhotoBooth provided by Capital Regionn PhotoBooths is a state of the art photo booth available for special events. Though this vintage machine looks old, it delivers high quality and commercial grade photostrips measuring 2×8″. All vintage photobooths are equipped with a padded bench seat, an exterior monitor, two exit slots, hollywood lights, a TRUNK full of props, a formally attired attendant, and so much more.


Bridal Booth Albany PhotoBooth Rental Albany NY

The Bridal Booth provided by Capital Region PhotoBooth.


The Bridal Booth is the only photobooth within Albany, Ny and the Capital District that is a photo booth directed towards brides.  The Bridal Booth catches the true essence of your wedding day, frills reminiscent of a wedding dress, while not stealing the attention away from the bride and groom.


Authentic Photo Booth rental in Albany Ny.

Retro Photo Booth provided by Capital Region PhotoBooths


Capital Region PhotoBooths’ retro 80′s photobooth deliver high quality photostrips with the nostalgic feel of the 1980′s.  All photobooths are equipped with exterior monitors so your guests outside the booth enjoy the photobooth occupants experience within the photobooth. All photobooths include a padded bench seat, adjustable cameras, hollywood lights on top, props, a formally attired attendant, and so much more.



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PhotoBooth Features












* VIP *  VIDEO INTEGRATED PHOTOBOOTHS – Have you ever seen Jay Leno’s photobooths on the Tonight Show? Have you ever wanted to capture your entire photobooth experience on video, and not just the photos? VIP services captures your guests experience on video, and provide the host a copy at the end of the night! Pretty neat, right? This is why Capital Region PhotoBooths is the Capital Area’s finest photobooth company.

Video Integrated PhotoBooths. VIP photobooths. PhotoBooth rental, Albany, Ny.

VIP Photobooths combines Video Integration with a classic authentic photobooth. At the end of the night, you have a video of your guests' photobooth experience! Their expressions and experiences are PRICELESS!










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Adding Value to Your Wedding — how to get a quality product at a reasonable price . . .


The old adage is true, “[Y]ou get what you pay for.”  In an increasingly demanding world of commerce, competitors reconfigure price structures to seem attractive to consumers.  But what exactly are you getting for those prices, and are there any hidden or additional costs.  The most widely sought question from customers is just that – the bottom line – how much is it to rent out a photo booth for Albany New York photo booth rentals?

When most area residents are asked why they chose to live in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Delmar, Guilderland, Bethlehem, Saratoga Springs, Wilton, Lake George, Malta, Ballston Spa, New York or anywhere in the Capital land or Capital District, the answer of “it’s affordable” is usually intertwined with their answer.  So why does it seem that planning a sweet 16, wedding, corporate event, holiday party, bar mitzvah or prom is so expensive?  And why do your quotes for photobooths differ so much not only in price, but also in offerings?


Sure, mall photobooths will likely charge you $5.00 per photostrip.  So with a wedding of 150 people, shouldn’t a photobooth cost, $650?  Photobooths are very expensive machines, and the cost of delivery, set-up and materials contribute to your price.  At a mall, your guests can only have one photostrip.  At your event, your guests can return as many times as they would like to enjoy funny, wacky party booth poses.  Furthermore, the quality of a photostrips from Capital Region Photo Booths is far superior than mall photobooths, and much faster at only 6 seconds per photostrip!  This, plus unlimited photostrips, a customer service oriented attendant at your event, props, and travel – this is where your cost originates, which is still more affordable than typical party favors, with the added value of entertainment.  In addition to providing Upstate Photo Booths, Capital Region PhotoBooths even provides photo booth rentals and wedding booths to Pittsfield, MA, Lenox, MA, and Cambridge, MA.  Average Albany photo booth rentals start around $895.00, depending on the size of your event, your needs, and the duration of services.



So, are you looking to hire a photo booth rental in Albany New York or Saratoga Springs New York to provide you an authentic photo booth at your wedding? Many photo booth companies will provide Albany Photobooths and Saratoga Photobooths at what seems like barebones prices.  But what are you actually getting for your money?

REAL DEAL? Many companies will NOT provide you an authentic vintage photobooth – we do! Many companies provide what is known as an “open air photobooth” or a “pipe and drape” photo booth.  At Capital Region Photo Booths we provide authentic vintage photobooths for your affair or private event.  We are also the exclusive provider of 2×8” photostrips, the true size of the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and beyond.  Most companies print a 2×6” photostrip with small photographs, or a 4×6” print and they have you cut the photostrip at your event. The approximate size of our photobooths: Footprint: 86″ high, by 71″ long, by 34″ wide.  Don’t be fooled by imposters – there is only one Capital Region PhotoBooths for you photo booth rental in albany ny, the Capital Region, and beyond.

Hidden costs? With the exception of sales tax, our prices are all inclusive. That means you will never be charged per photostrip, you will never be charged for travel, and you will never be charged extra for things like Props.  Most of our pricing structures even include magnetized photostrips, or cd-roms, or photo guest books!  Most competitors charge you extra for these additional items.  A price that is hundreds less could cost you hundreds more by the time you finally get everything you want.

PROPS?  At Capital Region PhotoBooths we pride ourselves on the most expansive prop box in the Capital District.  Our prop boxes are stuff to the brim, exploding with boas, tiaras, sunglasses, hats, masks, hand held props, and so much more.  We travel the world to find the best props for your event!  And, we include this FOR FREE in our pricing! Ask the competitor – most will charge you more for props, or they will provide sub-par props for your guests. We pride ourselves on ONLY the best! See our props here!

Photo Booth Attendant?  So what happens if a photobooth runs out of film? A photobooth attendant is present at EVERY event.  Ask competitors if they provide this, because most do not.  And our attendants are provided a rigorous 6-month training.  Are the other photobooth guys trained as well our attendants?  I will bet they are not.

Hollywood Lights? We include oscillating Hollywood search and rescue lights on the top of EVERY photobooth!  Just like the red carpet premiers, we make sure your event is red carpet worthy as well. You deserve it for your celebrity event!

Exterior Monitor? To capture all the fun, our photobooths are equipped with an exterior monitor built into all of our photobooths.  You too can enjoy grandma’s goofy poses or zany antics even while you are outside the booth!

Photo Guest books, CD-ROMs and photostrips magnets? We offer ALL of these! And more! Out photo guest books are post-bound and some of the nicest in the industry. We even offer mosaic prints after the event!

Backgrounds? Some photobooth companies offer unique patterned backgrounds. If the photobooth is authentic, you shouldn’t see the patterns of the background, because you will see your face instead.  Think about it — is your photobooth rental for a neat designed background, or for your faces and gestures?  At Capital Region PhotoBooths, we offer an additional service called “curtain call,” which allows you to pick the color of your background. This is very different than a patterned background.  Instead, if you have a pink party, you may want a pink background.  If you have a club theme, you may want a neon green background.  We strive for customer service, and this one way we offer this for you.

Choice of photo booths? We offer three types of booths: Our “Vintage Throwback Booth”, our “RETRO 80’s booth” and our soon to be released “Bridal Booth.”

"Vintage Throwback Booth" by Capital Region PhtoBooths

Guests enter one of our authentic vintage photobooths and utilize easy to use interactive audio/visual prompts, choosing between color, sepia or black and white, pose 4 times, and in less than 6 second per photostrip, their 2×8″ photostrips are developed!  Photostrips are customer ready straight from the photo chute and commercial grade quality — no need to cut the photostrips!

The dimensions of our photobooths (footprint): 86″ high, by 71″ long, by 34″ wide (apprx)


Retro 80's PhotoBooth by Capital Region PhotoBooths

Retro 80′s PhotoBooth by Capital Region PhotoBooths

Guests enter one of our authentic Retro 80′s photobooths and utilize easy to use interactive audio/visual prompts, choosing between color, sepia or black and white, pose 4 times, and in less than 6 second per photostrip, their 2×8″ photostrips are developed!  Photostrips are customer ready straight from the photo chute and commercial grade quality — no need to cut the photostrips!

The size of our photo booth footprint: 86″ high, by 71″ long, by 34″ wide (apprx)


A quality product and a quality price:

As you can tell, Capital Region PhotoBooths delivers capital area photobooths at a reasonable price while offering the best value.  We include products and offerings that most companies will charge you additionally for.  To avoid additional hidden costs, and to experience a customer service oriented event, Capital Region PhotoBooths is the only albany new york photobooth provider to fit the bill.  With customers such as Fendi, CSEA, AYCO, CDPHP, and so many prominent area businesses and individuals consumers, Capital Region PhotoBooths is the trusted choice for Capital Region and Capital District Photobooth rentals.

For your next party booth, Albany Photobooth, Saratoga Springs photobooth rental, or upstate photobooth rental, and beyond, make sure you consider Capital Region PhotoBooths as your photobooth provider.  Hundreds of customers have trusted us with their photobooth experience . . . we guarantee you will not be disappointed!  Inquire today and find out why!



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Overwhelming Weddings -Where to Start?


Overwhelming Weddings -Where to Start?

Are you feeling overwhelmed about planning your upcoming wedding?  Not sure just how much time you need to properly plan your big day?  Every timetable is specific to a geographic market, and every market and scenario are different.  In every market, first thing is first – you need a spouse (check that one off).  Almost as important, the bride needs a dress and you need a venue.  Of course you also need a photographer, DJ/Band, Party Favors – photo booths or photo magnets –  Bride Maids Dresses, Tuxedo rentals for the groomsmen, and limousines. The following are some tips and pointers as to when you should start booking all the essentials for your big day, in descending order by the most important, for your Albany, NY, Saratoga, NY, Lake George, NY, wedding.

The Venue:  Let’s face it  . . . without a venue, you really cannot have a wedding.  Venue availability fluctuates based on the popularity of the venue and your wedding date.  More popular venues book faster.  Franklin Plaza, in Troy, NY, The Hall of Springs, in Saratoga, NY, The Canfield Casino, in Saratoga, NY, Inn at Erlowest, in Diamond Point, NY, The Sagamore on Lake George, The State Room, in Albany, NY, The Mohawk River Country Club in Rexford, NY, The Highland Country Club in Queensbury, NY, Prime At Saratoga National in Saratoga Springs, NY, Mallozzi’s in Rotterdam, NY, are all popular venues and likely book faster than the local Holiday Inn or Marriott.  The sooner you book, the better. Rule of thumb: usually if you book 12 months or more, and you are in the clear.  If you have an especially popular wedding date, you should probably book a venue 18 – 24 months in advance.  For some reason, July 21st is a very popular wedding date this year.  Dates like 9/10/11 and 11/11/11 were all very popular.  Unfortunately, 10/11/12 and 12/12/12 don’t fall on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.  Predicting wildly popular wedding dates for 2012 is, well, unpredictable.

The Wedding Dress:  Women dream about it for years and years before they wear one.  You’ve imaged your dress forever; you know what you like about them, and what you don’t like about them.  So when should you buy one? After talking to some industry colleagues, most dress stores not stock their wedding dresses.  Ordering and alterations require approximately 6 months.  The days of off-the-rack wedding dresses are no longer here, less large big box, cookie cutter dress stores.  When searching for a dress, I highly recommend visiting The Bridal Gallery by Yvonne in Latham, NY ( or Ferri’s Formals, in Schenectady, NY (

Photographers:  A photographer will make or break your wedding.  Undeniably, Michael Gallitelli, Louis Torres, Matt Ramos, J.P. Elario, Jeff Foley, Tracey Buyce, and Nikki Rossi are all premier photographers within the Capital District (but none of them offer Authentic Photobooths or photobooth rentals).  To book many of these photographers, most couples book over 12-18 months in advance, including engagement photos.  So what happens when one of your prime choice photographers is already booked for your special day?  Fret not, many other phenomenal photographers exist within the Capital Region.  Finding the perfect one just requires a little patience and some good old fashion searching.

Party Favors:  If you are planning to utilize photo booths or a magnetman [FotoMagic] for your party favors and photobooth rental at your upcoming Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, or Capital Region wedding, you will want to book sooner than later.  Booking in advance guarantees your date, and it also guarantees current rates for your party booth, photobooth, or photo magnet experience. As an economic principal combined with U.S. economic history, each year guarantees inflation. With inflation comes increased price. By booking your 2013 event in 2011, you guarantee 2011 prices in 2013.  Furthermore, the reassurance that your photo booth rental is secured for your Saratoga, Albany, Lake George, Clifton Park wedding is worth planning in advance.  As soon as you have your wedding date, you should book your Albany photo booth rental for your wedding.  And for all your photobooth needs, make sure you visit the premier Capital Region Photo Booth provider, Capital Region PhotoBooths: .   For all your photo magnet needs, visit the best magnetman around, FotoMagic – Magnets & More:

DJ’s or Bands:  Similar to your Albany, NY photo booth rental or Saratoga, NY Photo Booth Rental, you should book your DJ or Band as soon as you have your venue. If you are looking for a premier Band, check out Soul SessionBenny Cannavo and The Accents, or The New York Players.   If you seek a premier DJ, make sure you check out Scott Hemmings (SEH Entertainment), Mike Garrassi (MusicMan Entertainment), Conway Entertainment/PianoMan DJ Productions, Diamond Entertainment, Vinny Liotta with Cool Cat Entertainment, and Jake Allen from the Jake Allen Show!__jakeallenshow/mobile-dj.  Many other spectacular DJ’s provide music and entertainment services within the Capital District.  Check out our facebook page to view some more, trusted area entertainers:

Once you have these four major details in place, your wedding day will fall into place.  Other wedding planning decisions in Albany, NY will occur within the timeline between when you establish a venue, and your wedding date.


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It’s my Party [favor] and I will cry if I want to…

You should know that I grew up in a very close Italian family in Upstate New York. Like most Italians, I never strayed far from home – to live that is. If you ever watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” you would understand that relocating was out of the question, based on strong familial love. So instead of breaking the hearts of two beloved parents, I stayed. After spending my primitive years in Clifton Park, NY, I migrated 12 miles south to Loudonville, NY to attend Siena College, and then to Albany, NY for an advanced degree. As I grew older and wiser, my father did as well; he also became much more prolific. At one point he came to the epiphany that when your children grow, they will rarely remember what you gave them for their 5th birthday, or their 13th birthday; but, they will always remember that time you . . . went to Disney World . . . or engaged in a father-son project . . . or spent Christmas with a family member who you usually don’t see. A wedding, sweet sixteen, graduation party, corporate event, or other special event are no different. Your guests are your “children” in this analogy. Your guests probably may not remember the color of the linens, or the center-pieces. They may not remember the food or the drinks. And they probably won’t remember the edible lollipop or the bottle of wine party favor that you gave them when they likely stumbled out of your event. However, they will ALWAYS remember the photobooth experience they had at your wedding, not only with the photostrips they received, but also by their photo booth fun. Children, and guests alike, rarely remember the material item you gave them; but they will always remember the fun experience and memorable time you provided them. At your wedding, sweet 16, corporate event or special event, this translates into the fun and memorable times your guests experience in an Authentic PhotoBooth. When it comes time to book your photobooth rental in Albany, NY, Saratoga, NY and within the Capital Region / Capital District, make sure you pay homage to Capital Region PhotoBooths, the premier photo booth provider within the capital region / capital district. Visit them at: .

So what if you are not interested in a photo booth but you are still interested in creating a unique, entertaining, memorable party favor? There are other party favor / entertainment providers, who provide fun party favors in the Albany, NY area. My best recommendation for another provider is, FotoMagic – Magnets & More – who offers a unique and entertaining photo magnet experience with fantasy photos and over 100 different backgrounds and borders, utilizing green screen technology. FotoMagic is the premier magnetman in the Capital District and beyond, and the only magnet man I can recommend with ease, given they have been servicing the local Capital Region for over 14 years. FotoMagic is highly entertaining, doubles as an interactive party favor, and is by far the best magnet provider I have ever seen. Visit FotoMagic today for more information: .

Not interested in any of these ideas? The knot blogs and national wedding magazines have some great ideas for party favors. Beware, they also feel a photobooth is a GREAT idea! Check out this article from MSNBC:
15 Ways to WOW Your Guests! .

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Two long awaited topics are finally addressed: Why hire local companies for your event; and the million dollar question: Suits or Tuxedos?  Surprisingly, these are two controversial topics, both addressed candidly from an industry expert possessing 14 years experience in the entertainment industry.

(a) Traveling.  Every once in a while I meet a bride, groom, or the parents of a bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah child who hire a DJ or photographer from parts of New York State that are not local to the location of their event. Instead, these companies travel 3-5 hours to provide services at that Capital District event. Some contend they save money, while others contend these service providers offer something they cannot find here.  But when the DJ doesn’t show because his car broke down, or because he was lost, the event can simply be ruined.  Could you imagine having an event without music or photos?  Generally, prices of local companies are comparable, or even more affordable because local companies do not incur the added costs of travel.  And if you are looking for a DJ with dancers and personality and music like downstate companies, there are several local companies that offer these services.  There are also several benefits of hiring local companies. For starters, local companies possess working relationships with venues and area professionals, which is essential to a smooth wedding, sweet 16, corporate event, holiday party, or mitzvah. Capital District companies also maintain knowledge of area roadways and surrounding towns.  Granted, a GPS can help anyone.  However, when a GPS loses signal due to poor whether conditions posing a barrier between the GPS satellite and the GPS, for reasons beyond our control, or when a car breaks down, Capital District companies know where the closest car rental is, they can rely on their support structure or professional contacts for assistance, or they can navigate detours. In Upstate New York, we all know that the weather is unpredictable.  Today is January 24th and it was overcast and 41 degrees.  Last year at this time it was about 8 degrees.  We may have snow in October, and it may be 60 degrees in April.  We really don’t know.  But when your event vendors are traveling 3 – 5 hours to attend your Albany-area event, do you really want to chance a freak snowstorm preventing your wedding or event provider from showing up?  Lastly, local companies put money back into the local economy.  You may think the impact is minimal, but a local company who makes their money here also eats out here, shops here, owns or rents property here, pays property tax here, purchases cars here, and supports the businesses that support them, including repairs, cell phones providers, etc.  The ripple effect is astonishing.  Service providers who travel to your event from great distances return to those great distances to spend their money.  Do you really want your money ending up back in an area NJ or MA economy?  With the reassurance of a reputable provider, local transit and area connections, it pays to hire a local company.

(b) Classics never die. Many grooms debate between tuxes or suits on their special day. I always like the theory that a wedding should be special. It is, of course, a once in a lifetime event. “Special” is reserved to that of unordinary. So if you wear a suit to work every day, or wear a suit on every special occasion, wouldn’t a tuxedo by more memorable on your wedding day? Or if you wear a tuxedo every day for work, wouldn’t a suit be more memorable on the day of your wedding? I wear a suit every day. I personally feel a tuxedo is more appropriate on the day of my wedding (an event surely to take place sometime in the far future), because it makes the occasion special. And special occasions are memorable. Don’t you want your wedding to be memorable? A classic never dies. So if you do choose a tuxedo, and you want a classic that never dies, make sure you visit Tony at Tuxego of Latham (, a personal friend and professional colleague. He goes the extra mile for his clients.


The theory that a “classic never dies” applies to wedding favors and fun booths or party booths, better known as photo booths.  An authentic and classic photobooth rental will always be remembered in the mind of your guests.  Allowing your guests to make memories at your event creates a very special wedding or mitzvah in their eyes.  Don’t forget to check the website of the only photo booth company we recommend,, for an authentic photo booth rental in the Albany, NY, Saratoga, NY, and beyond.  And for the best magnetman [photomagnet / photo magnets] in the area, check out FotoMagic – Magnets & More – at






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Choosing The Right Company For Your Wedding . . .

Capital Region Weddings — Every Bride and Groom needs a little magic to pull off their big day. Other than a perfect match, the happy couple need a photographer, a DJ or Band, a florist, perhaps a videographer, party favors, maybe a photo booth or photo magnets. With so many companies out there, how do you know which company to choose. Here are a few tips to determine who to work with:

(1) Just like a spouse, communication is essential. If they don’t return your phone calls or emails promptly, that probably says alot about the company you are dealing with. Sure, we all fall victim to the hectic ways of life. Just what is the magic number of hours or days a phone call should be returned in? With an Albany NY Photo Booth Rental from Capital Region PhotoBooths, I always try to return calls within 24-48 hours. If the company you are dealing with doesn’t return your call with 72- 96 hours (3-4 days), and they don’t apologize profusely, you may want to consider whether this company is the right fit for you. If you really like who you are dealing with, well, I always liked the “three strike” rule. And even then… as long as you trust the person/company, and this is their modus operandi, then trust is all you need. There is always an exception to the rule.

(2) Personality makes the deal. There’s an old saying, “People look for themselves, in others.” That is, we befriend those who are often similar to ourselves. The same goes for hiring a wedding event professional. If you are punctual and particular, you probably want to deal with someone who is as well; otherwise, they will likely disappoint you in their service. If you are laid back and easy going, you probably want to find a company who is also laid back and easy going. I never tolerate arrogance, so personally, I would never work with someone who comes off as arrogant or cocky. Match your personality to your wedding pros personality and your wedding day will be a success.

(3) Meet the person who will be at your event. If you are contracting with a DJ, Photographer, or videographer, meet with that person to view their work and make sure you are comfortable working with that individual. Often times companies have more than one DJ, photographer, videographer, or photomagnet personnel. Their personality will make or break your event. Wedding shows are a great way to meet people without making 101 appointments.

(4) You get what you pay for. Low cost providers are all over the market. If they charge less, there is probably a reason. At the same token, personal services (Bands, Photographers and sometimes DJs) do vary in price based on competitive advantages. If you cannot view their services or product online, call them, ask them for material, ask them if there is a time when you can view their services “in action” — a public event perhaps — or meet with them to determine the added value they offer. You will generally get an idea of what the “going rate” is in the industry. Those that are particularly low or high, may raise some red flags. Bands and photographers especially pose an exception to this rule – you will need to hear or see their work, respectively. It is also important to understand what each company offers in their price quotes, comparing each vendor, apples to apples. Personally, in the business as an area provider of photo booths to the Capital District, Capital Region PhotoBooths offers several added value items in their services and pricing. Understanding what you are comparing in any services is important. The wedding planning process can be overwhelming; however, in the end, you will not be disappointed if you do your research.


Hopefully this helps you narrow down which wedding or event vendor you will work with.  And remember, brides trust Capital Region PhotoBooths with their photo booth needs every day, just as you trust us with this press release.  To discover more, please visit:

Wedding Shows – The Best Bang For Your Buck!

It is undeniable – whether you are looking to hire a photobooth, a photographer, photo magnets, a DJ, a florist, a limo, or party favors, a GREAT wedding show is the PERFECT place to shop.  Instead of driving from one venue to another, or one store to another, the vendors are ALL in one location!  You have the luxury of sampling cake, playing in photo booths, taking home magnet party favors, and speaking with company representatives first hand. Are you planning a high budget sweet 16, corporate event, prom, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or surprise party?  Wedding shows are perfect for you too! Though the show is gauged towards brides, anyone planning a large party is the perfect person to attend!

With a million and one wedding shows each year, how do you choose which ones to attend?

(1) There’s an old saying – you get what you pay for.  Though every rule has an exception, we generally find that wedding shows charging a small admission fee to the bride have a better selection of vendors.

(2) If you heard it on the radio . . . then the vendors probably did too!  The more vendors that hear advertisements, the more vendors that attend!  Clearly this is not limited to JUST radio . However, if you heard it in several places, or from several people, it’s likely you will have a larger or better selection of vendors to speak with and choose from.

(3) Talk to the industry professionals you trust. If you already hired a photographer, DJ, or a photobooth company, you probably trust the person enough to hire them.  If your venue is within Clifton Park, Saratoga, Albany, NY, or surrounding areas, assuming the professional is local, ask them which wedding shows they will be at and what they thought of those wedding shows last year.

(4) If you are impressed with the venue . . . you will likely be impressed with the wedding show.  Wedding shows are a PERFECT time to check out the venue to see if you like it, without dealing with a sales representative or feeling pressure to sign on the dotted line.  In my experiences, generally the nicer the venue, the nicer the wedding show.



Wedding shows are like one large sampling.  If you are interested in meeting area professionals, trying out photobooths or seeing the best magnetman [ FotoMagic ] around, make sure you check out the following upcoming wedding shows within the Capital Region & surrounding Albany areas:

January 23, 2012 (11am – 3pm) Glen Sanders Mansion Bridal Show & Key Hall Proctors Bridal Show, Mazzone Management, Schenectady, NY;

January 29, 2012 (11am- 3pm) Daily Gazette Bridal Show, Saratoga Hall of Springs & the Saratoga Automobile Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY.

March 4, 2012 (11am-3pm) Star And Moon Bridal Show in Saratoga Springs at Longfellows, 101.3FM, Anastos Media, Long Fellow’s in Saratoga Springs.



We look forward to meeting you, the future bride and groom, there!



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